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The commercial opening, which began in 1990 during the Collor government, represented a break in several closed markets, including electronics, with the creation of the current PPB. From 1996 onwards, after 5 years skating, without taking a penny and offering something to our customers that they themselves didn't understand:

   - ATE's? In-Circuit Test?

   - Outsource my Test Engineering?

Finally they began to understand that they needed automation if they were to thrive...

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ETS was born to fill a need, or as we usually call it, a pain in the electronics market due to the changes: the automation of the testing area, now known as Industry 3.0, was what the market needed, as it only had functional tests, manual or with “disassembled” products that did not account for the miniaturization of semiconductors, complexities of SMT assembly and board digitization.

There was a process of professionalization of the electronics market with the opening and arrival of multinational companies that were already surfing Industry 3.0, as well as new business models arising from this revolution abroad.

Our team was always young and always said that they learned a lot at the "ETS School", as we always had in our essence the desire to educate and teach, so it would be very fulfilling if we could contribute and give back now to our customers, partners and the entire Market of Electronics in addition to our team. After all, it was 25 years in the electronics market, where we were born, grew, matured and prospered!

- Who remembers Compaq, leader in “ Windows PC's”?

- And Nortel and Lucent leader in “Voice over IP (VOIP)” surfing the beginning of the internet?

These are the challenges of being the pioneer and disruptive one for your time, as few understand you and many ignore you,  but when the market understands, you are ready...

Only after the success of the leaders, the market began to understand what were the “things” that ETS had been offering for 5-7 years! Finally, the “ startup ETS 3.0” took off and started to make money after a lot of seed was planted.


The search for automation of the test process in Brazil took an exponential leap and ETS was ready and finally had its 1st quantum leap, becoming the industry leader, as we were technically able, therefore experienced in this process to help our customers to transform and automate.

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We were unique, despite the existence of many competitors, as the technology was foreign, but the local service and support was our great differential in relation to foreign competitors that companies wanted to bring with them from their countries. With this market opening, ETS gained Nortel, Lucent, Ericsonn, Motorola, Compaq, Siemens, Ford, Group Technologies and several others as clients. It was the beginning of an ethical and prosperous relationship that, with some, continues today! Others unfortunately disappeared and others were bought, showing how uncertain and relentless the market is...

In addition to being the first company to develop In Circuit Test for Notebook in Brazil, ETS was also the first company to perform Strain Gage Measurement in partnership with Intel, fixtures for OSP, Bead Probe , BSA and Firmware recording in ICT and many others footprints ...


Innovation and pioneering are part of our way of being, it's in our DNA, because we learned early on that it hurts a lot, it takes a lot of work, sometimes little money, but being ahead of your time focused on the needs of your focus customers, it's and IT WILL ALWAYS BE the best way... After all Businesses are Market and Market are Customers in constant change... 

It is inevitable to feel a “Déjà vu” and it is interesting that we are going through the same process now with the ETSAV and DfX Experiences, in the SEMEAR Community ( Footprint #4 ) with few understanding and many ignoring this NEW ECONOMY happening, much bigger than just one Industry 4.0!

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