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In 2016, celebrating 25 years of ETS, our leaders and part of the team agreed to participate in a process of EXCELLENCE, called MAESTRY. The desire was to take a quantum leap in our business that would allow us to reinvent ETS, so that it could last for another 25 years!

And through the construction of an "X of the QUESTION", our chosen challenge was:

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“Expand autonomy, relationships and business with the hologram, building the Expert Training Center”.

We mainly wanted to give back for the learnings we had in the 4 intense years ( Footprint #3 ) to transform us into a more ethical, humane and prosperous team! However, we also wanted to contribute by sharing our experience in the field of automatic testing over these 25 years.

Our team was always young and always said that they learned a lot at the "ETS School", as we always had in our essence the desire to educate and teach, so it would be very fulfilling if we could contribute and give back now to our customers, partners and the entire Market of Electronics in addition to our team. After all, it was 25 years in the electronics market, where we were born, grew, matured and prospered!

But the challenge of “X da Questão” was there, and it drove us, one pulled the other and then we started to surpass ourselves every day! At the Work, we all pay attention to the buildings and we don't lose HOPE.

And the imagined Expert Training Center turned into something much better, built together with our team, customers and partners.

But the Entropy of the 2014 Economic Crisis only increased and brought fear: business was decreasing, several customers were closing or postponing their launches and all this was like a bucket of cold water, which repeatedly made us discouraged, lose energy, take the attention away from the important and the vital and we would go into routine and autopilot.

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And the 1st REAL LEARNING takes shape in March 2017 in a Test Drive: ATE - ICT and JTAG Test Strategy! In this 1st SEMEAR class, as it is something very “out of the box”, we co-built with clients and special partners, who were already on a different path with us in terms of more ethical, humane and prosperous Relationships & Achievements. We experimented with the collaboration of our team and 6 major customers and partners: CISCO , DELL , FLEX , JTAG , NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS and TEKNO-SIP .

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The contribution and wealth were so great in this Test Drive, that we polished and revitalized the theme of the Module for "High Value Systemic Testing Strategy - ETSAV", evolving significantly and more in line with our purpose of EXPANDING the field of vision and CULTIVATING MetaExcelência . 

We validate  the new ETSAV theme and the CONVERGENT Technical and Human System in the 2nd class and it was sensational, which encouraged us to take even more risks and from Class #3, when we tested SEMEAR's contribution to areas other than Testing, inviting Leaders of Manufacturing, Engineering, R&D, Process, Quality, NPI and even Business Managers, who lived  and evaluated this experience by connecting the Golden Rules among other disruptions and innovations to their business!

It was SURREAL to bring together companies from different segments, areas, positions and functions around the Search for Innovations and the desired Excellence !!! The little piece of Brazil that works!!!

Today, SEMEAR, with its purpose of COIVING, EXPANDING and CULTIVATING a NEW ECONOMY, has already transformed several professionals, has already built dozens of success stories and has contributed to SEEDERS IN CROSSING, to transform their areas and way of doing business.  IT WAS and IS a Retribution Project, designed, created and carried out by our Team, Clients and Partners! A true SOWERS Community...

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