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But it wasn't that easy! Many years following a traditional and economic business model, it creates roots, archetypes and scars. It was necessary  DEBuild to build a new ETS!

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At the end of 2012, beginning of 2013, we were fulfilled! We had solved some big problems, started to grow again, the partnership with Teknosip was finally showing results and we had launched  more new products in 3 years than in the company's first 15 years, but something still bothered!


The team was more involved and committed, but we knew we had to learn from all the dramas and plots we've been through over the past 20 years.

The processes and business were still based on the Old Economy, on the perspective of Scarcity that there is not for everyone, on the management model based on power, command and control!

Our team was still sensitive, the leadership was still immature, insecure and we felt some customers uncomfortable with our service or our attitudes. As Picasso says, when you look, you find!

After experiences at the #1 American University of Entrepreneurship, we set up an Advisory Board with two experts, Claudiney ex-VP GE and Rogério, ex-TOTVS, who helped us in this beginning of transformation that consolidated in the deeper process of changing the mental model of our team and our history, a true Metanoia, which began to transform ETS, which brought more meaning and purpose in the lives of our former CHIEF and former EMPLOYEES to turn them into LEADERS and COLLABORATORS...


And then, when reading a magical book, The Seven Capital Markets, it was the last straw for the SENSE OF URGENCY. I felt this was the way! I looked for the founder of Metanoia and author of the book, Roberto Tranjan, and in a few days I was already  enrolled in the transformation program to become a Systemic Leader and ETS into a more ethical, humane and prosperous Work!

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A Company with Body, Mind and Soul, and a strong Culture based on new Values and Purpose built with the entire team that was with us on this NEW journey!

At the same time that everyone dived and deepened in Metanoia's knowledge and tools, self-knowledge brought to each one, the knowledge of its villains: inattention to processes, repetitive errors, rework, the theater of the Hours, the lack of meaning for some who were only there for the salary, the confrontations for interests of power or control, the team's misalignment with our clients, the omission, the high sensitivity of the team and the poor connection of some with our clients! We realized that we were living in a world of scarcity and on top of that, in 2014 the biggest crisis in Brazil began.


 Many didn't agree, many just liked the good part, others couldn't stand the pressure or the new way of being, more professional, more human in order to seek true prosperity, far beyond the economic dimension. But it was worth a lot for those who persevered, for those who knew and rebuilt themselves, as they made their choice to change, to follow a more virtuous path, finding the best in each one: their gifts, talents and intelligence at the service of the business. Anyway, like every CHANGE, especially in Culture, it was a moment of rupture, of discovery and of NEW FOOTPRINTS that we'll count some here, because INTEGRITY is a strong value of this rupture in the business!

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