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We're already on Footprint #8! We started in this Footprint very important stories, testimonies and stories, as they come from Clients, Collaborators, people who wrote our history together with us and who contributed strongly to our Footprints, being part of the construction of our Crossing!

With this purpose, we imagine SEMEAR, in the 25 years of ETS! But at that time, we couldn't imagine how much this Footprint we wanted to leave in the Electronics Market would build such strong bonds and a community of SEEDERS, who seek our same purpose! 

Peterson Cerri , one of our SEEDERS sent a testimonial that is a gift! Thank you Peterson! In search of your expansion of knowledge, together We expand even more and start a Cycle of Abundance, a new Consciousness, Living with people from our Electronics Market from different areas and expertise , We also expand our Field of Vision and visualize collaborative processes that Cultivate a new way of doing business and a new way of looking for Excellent Results! A Real Meta-Wealth!


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