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How it all began...

... ONCE ONCE a super respected American company in the field of Tests & Measurements, Hewlett Packard T&M, today better known as HP, in the area of computers and printing. At that time, computers were just starting and there were no PCs or Laser printers like today. HP as we know it today, didn't even exist, therefore.

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I had the challenge, the honor and the luck of, together with the manager who hired me as an intern, to build together the 1st Application Center in Brazil to develop high speed and precision fixtures and test programs. The objective was to help sell the Automatic Testers (ATE's) of electronic boards already testing a customer's board. From a Tester to a Testing Solution. 

We had a quick success conquering clients such as IBM, Itautec and Matec (Ericsson associate) who already believed in the “automation of board tests”, now known as Industry 3.0. However, we did not expect the difficulties of running a “business  different and tailored” within a huge American multinational, would appear so quickly.

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My manager left HP for new challenges. On a trip to the ATE's factory in Colorado-USA, I met the Channel Partner structure of HP Americana, HP focused on selling and these partners on developing “tailor-made” applications... Bingo!!! There was the win-win solution for everyone... the 1st Channel Partner in Brazil was missing!

Then, on July 16, 1991, ETS was born following an international trend of automating tests and outsourcing engineering services (previously entirely in-house). The dream was to become HP's 1st Channel in Brazil and work in partnership with the HP Brazil team, developing the services to help them sell machines, as in the successful model that the American HP used.  


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Despite much political resistance, even today HP's ATE's , now Keysight are leaders in Brazil in some segments and we are proud and happy to have been the "trigger" of this growth, since we built together with our customers and HP do Brasil “a new way of doing business” in the area of automatic plate testing in Brazil.

I didn't know it at the time, but looking at it now, it couldn't go wrong.... We had world-class technology, customers and partners, all together and mixed.

We didn't have any money, but we were able to be born in a small office, offered by my grandfather in São Paulo and with the best 1st client we could have: IBM!

Full steam ahead and EVERY DAY we left for IBM, with a factory in Hortolândia, to SERVE our 1st and only customer, aiming to deliver our best. It was the dream of bringing American technology to the Brazilian electronics market, which was still closed at the time by the SEI (Special Secretary of Information Technology). I didn't even know it, but IBM, HP and ETS were pioneering Industry 3.0 in the area of board testing, automating, scaling and already generating statistical data in the Testing area... Something so pioneering at the time and surreal, that it took us almost 7 years to take off!

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