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ETS celebrates its 28+2 years, but the GRATITUDE for the dedication of our team is what moves us and motivates us to always continue seeking to perpetuate our Business, as we are a MetaNation, a little piece of Brazil that works, where everyone unites their wishes to contribute always!

And for over 26 years, we've shared many stories with one of our most esteemed contributors! André Barbosa:

· Our oldest collaborator,
·  A boy entered, expanded knowledge and became a Strain Gage Expert!
·  Recognized and referenced by customers
·  A great musician, plays guitar, guitar!
·  But don't stop there your stories lived and shared with our Team, our Clients and our Hologram!
·  And much more, see the movie and meet André!

Congratulations, André Barbosa, for your beautiful journey into our Business! Gratitude for the Care of our Business, with the Team and with the Clients!

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