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ETS is turning 28+2 years old in 2021! But, you might be asking yourself: Why 28+2 and not 30 years?

As in all stories, ours has many Dramas and Plots, difficult and complex moments and others full of contentment and fulfillment. And it was 2 years ago one of those most difficult moments, where we felt like we were breaking down and that we couldn't move forward.


"The memory that marked me a lot in my trajectory was the 2017/2018 crisis, when at the end of the year, Baldi gathered the team in one of the CMA Balance Sheets (time of presentation of results and reflections with the team) and with the company about to break he gave a statement with great emotion! And he made a request for us to believe that we would turn the tables, all together!”

That was the turning point!

Mayara still remembers: “Our financial challenges were great, but from then on there was an impactful movement within the team: the glimpse to strengthen ourselves as a METANATION, the ENOUGH that we would assume to achieve the best results!”


And that was how a new Cycle began. The 4th Septenum Cycle ended at 28 years old and it was like a rebirth! Today, completing more than 2 years after that defining moment, we feel strengthened and triumphant, because even after such a challenging year as 2020, we are stronger in all Business Dimensions: in our relationships with our Focus Clients, with a Team more competent, with more and more meaning, influence and autonomy and mainly  our polished Values and Purposes that guide our journey. 

Being a leader for 28 years has made us a Cruise, Large, but slow, not very flexible and innovative. Today we feel like several Sailboats, with autonomy and agility, but forming a beautiful Regatta of Agile, Innovative and Purposeful Sailors. A true METAFORMOSIS...

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