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Footprint 10: We are a MetaNation, with new 
Values and Purpose Co-Built with Meaning!

ETS celebrates its 28+2 years, but the GRATITUDE for the dedication of our team is what moves us and motivates us to always continue seeking to perpetuate our Business, as we are a MetaNation, a little piece of Brazil that works, where everyone unites their wishes to contribute always!

And for over 26 years, we've shared many stories with one of our most esteemed contributors! André Barbosa:

· Our oldest collaborator,
·  A boy entered, expanded knowledge and became a Strain Gage Expert!
·  Recognized and referenced by customers
·  A great musician, plays guitar, guitar!
·  But don't stop there your stories lived and shared with our Team, our Clients and our Hologram!
·  And much more, see the movie and meet André!

Congratulations, André Barbosa, for your beautiful journey into our Business! Gratitude for the Care of our Business, with the Team and with the Clients!

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We started with virtual meetings due to the Pandemic, where EACH ONE of the Team brought their 3 values: one from our old letter (humility, integrity, boldness with perseverance, creative contribution and excellence) that were highly valued and already lived in their daily lives, a 2nd value that challenged them in HERE, to live our X of Question 2021 and one last value that provoked them or was essential to raise our Methanation to a new level in ACOLÁ! After several meetings, starting from almost 50 different values, we arrived by consensus on 9 different Virtuous Values!


The time has come for a big event, now in person, with everyone in the flow of the NOVA ECONOMY and our Culture, to close our Charter of Values and our New Purpose. Fundamental foundations that will guide us through the years to come, no matter how easy or difficult.


Our meeting was at the Pintor University, from Futura Tintas, a company that draws on the same source of principles as us, to inspire and enlighten us, living the Experience of the High Value Painter Academy, a process of technical and human transformation that the University offers to painters, who had already been a source of inspiration for our SEMEAR Community!


In our meeting, initially divided into 4 teams, after living the University Experience and listening to each other's perceptions about what they experienced, we reflected together on What is our “ETS/Tekno-Sip Methanation” Cultivating in the World?


Focused on listening to the other and understanding the essence of what each one brought, in circles of conversation, for everyone to participate, each team made proposals for the new Purpose! After much exchange, together we arrived at our new Purpose:


"Sowing humanization integrated to technology".

Ativo 1_300x.png

This will be our Lighthouse, our light! Keeping the seeding that we've been wanting for so many years to humanize the Electronics Market, through the integration of the human with the technological in its various technological possibilities, since we are in the middle of a revolution!


Soon after, in the LIGHT of this New Purpose and inspired by all these conversations, it is time for consensus, based on the 9 Values, which would be the 5 values that will guide us in our daily lives, in the search for this purpose of Sowing Integrated Humanization with Technology, in our insights and decision making:

carta de valores fundo ok-01.png

Click on the image to know the meanings of each value


It was a Unique Experience for each of our team. We left renewed as people and as a Team, as our bonds became stronger and our field of vision about where we are, where we want to go and what is important and vital became even clearer and more challenging! Celebrating 28+2 years in moments like this was a special gift for us!

Much gratitude to this wonderful team, the University, our customers and the entire electronics market that allows us to live our Values and our New Purpose.


And the beginning of the next 28 years, which had already started in 2020, begins to exponentially with a lot of good energy, skills, experiences and challenges ahead!


See here moments of this beautiful construction!

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