This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Following our philosophy of offering the best solutions to the innovations, problems or needs of our clients, we have developed ways of making the systemic result with the work of extensometry, that is, measurement of distension. 

Following the rules of IPC-JEDEC 9704, during the testing process, milling and other assemblies with mechanical stresses on the board, it is subject to various types of stresses, such as pressure, strain, force and acceleration mill, probes, fingers, switch probes and even the operators themselves, which can cause failures or fatigue in BGA (Ball Grid Array), among other components more sensitive.


Through the use of Strain Gage technique, ETS seeks not only to ensure the best ICT, MDA and / or FCT test for your board, but also maintain the integrity of components, tracks, even the stability and test guarantee without cause mechanical damage to the board.

We counted on one of the greatest experts in Strain Gage of Brazil, André Luis Barbosa, and a specialized team with more than 500 instrumentations and measurements of Strain Gage, German equipment HBM (reference in the market of extensometria), measurements reports and advice of possible improvements in the process after measurements.


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