call etsIn our continuous search for automation and excellence in the production process, we have developed a unique solution that has the inclusion of on-board programming on the ICT test, FCT or COMBO platforms, that we described earlier, a solution that brings greater quality, flexibility for planning and The assembly of your product.


Among the various on-board programming models available on the market, we select solutions that best serve our customers, either through external partners programmers such as SMH's FlashRunner, or using ICT testers resources in a differentiated way.



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FlashRunner, a programmer developed by Italian SMH Technologies, was chosen by ETS as the best industrial programmer for being universal, robust and extremely fast.

This choice was made after ETS has used for years programmers low cost R&D that burned easily and stopped production because they are not industrial.



To learn more about Flash Runner and other programming products, check out Tekno-Sip, the Brazilian representative of SMH Technologies and an ETS partner.      




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