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Maintenance Plans

ETS has different maintenance plans, as we know that each customer is unique, as well as their needs.

We always value the joint construction of solutions, including the maintenance plan, but we currently have three basic maintenance plans:


Preventive Maintenance Plan: It is a method applied in order to indicate the actual conditions of devices operation based on data that inform their wear or degradation process. It can be visual or by the number of failures presented during production.

Predictive Maintenance Plan: Method applied where the equipment is defective and stops working. It is the concept of repair. It is harmful to production because it can not be programmed. In this case the device can stand still and compromise the production.

Corrective Maintenance Plan: It is all the systematic control and monitoring action, with the purpose of reducing or preventing failures in the equipment performance. The maintenance increases reliability and leads the device to operate in good condition. Can be used to control schedules maintenance. For this type of maintenance we recommend the use of a cycle counter installed in the equipment.

We recommend a preventative maintenance schedule to operate the devices. Besides it's a systemically healthy process, it corrects defects before they manifest or cause greater damage. 


Among the items contemplated in the maintenance plan, we indicate the exchange all of the spare parts with wear/ tear previously broken in the budget, probe test, alignment adjustments of the fixture, test and adjustments of course and centrality of the probes, Strain Gage adjustments including instrumentation, Strain Gage measurement and certification, installation and production tracking for tuning software test.


Spare parts

We know that some parts that make up the fixture suffer wear and/ or breakage, so we have a spare parts sales plan, whose main objective is to attend the customers demand, with quality spare parts and always trying to work together for not impact your results.

Click here and see our Spare Parts Catalog!

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