A Experience of Sistemic Learning

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The SEMEAR project is a ETS initiative, a retribution to the market which always sheltered us and it's a newpath for us to co-create with the electronic market of test and manufacture..

We believe in change through the professional and personal education, therefore we seek for intertwine human and technical knowledge, needs and desires of our customers and partners, with the intention to growth together, creating a eletronic market more humane and collaborative and an new economy, much more prosperous and abundant for all.


Very Important what?

If you believe it's Very Importan People, you're right, but the V.I.P. we are looking for it's Vertable, Incorruptible and Prosperous.

We've created this initiative FOR WHOM, just like us, believes that together we can build an new presente and future and a LEGACY which we will be very proud of!

Tools in hand, let's go to work to sow change?

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